Virtual Services for Injuries, Aches & Pains

If you cannot attend an appointment in person or just need some support at home, then a virtual appointment may be for you. 

All of the below services will take place on Zoom – you will therefore require access to the internet and a laptop, tablet or mobile. No equipment is required for any of the below services however this can be incorporated based on individual’s needs. 

Mobility & Flexibility Training

Why not use the lockdown period to focus on the areas that many of us neglect…

Reduce aches and pains by increasing your mobility and flexibility!

These 1:1 sessions will be customised to your requirements focusing on specific joints or muscles.

No equipment is required however we this can be incorporated upon request.

*Not suitable for anyone with an injury that prevents specific movements (see exercise therapy instead).  

Self Care/Self Myofascial Release

During this appointment, I will help you learn how to effectively manage injuries, aches and pains at home. 

This may include the use of  self myofascial release techniques e.g. foam rolling & trigger point balls, self massage (for easy to reach areas), stretching techniques, postural exercises, correct home working set up & self care advice. 

Appointments will be tailored to the individual’s requirements and available equipment. 

*New clients must first book a virtual consultation.

Exercise Therapy

Exercise therapy can be used for specific injury rehabilitation or injury prevention.

It can also be used to maintain or restore muscular/ joint function as well as maintaining a state of well-being.

This service is suitable for anyone with an injury or pain that restricts ability to perform certain movements. 

*New clients must first book a virtual consultation.

Practice Pilates at home with virtual classes