New clients (injury/pain treatment & rehab OR Exercise therapy)

90 minutes - £55

During your first appointment, I will conduct a range of assessments to establish a treatment plan.

This will be followed by the application of soft tissue therapy techniques (for injury/pain treatment) and prescription of daily exercises for mobility/pain relief. 

The session will conclude with discussion of an ongoing treatment plan.

Following your appointment, you will receive your daily exercises within 48hrs. 

*Please note that you will be required to complete a short consultation form online at the time of booking.

follow up appointments

45 minutes - £40 OR 30 minutes - £35

Follow up sessions will be focused around the given treatment plan. These may be exercise based or include soft tissue therapy.

Sports Massage

1 hour - £45

For clients who have some muscular tension or aches from exercise/daily activities but no sign of injury or pain.

A maintenance massage will consist mostly of Deep Tissue Massage techniques but can include other modalities such as cupping, dry needling etc. 

Rehab/ strength plans

from £16.25 per week

Exercise therapy is the most effective form of treatment for soft tissue injuries and pain. 

If you are serious about recovering from an injury, overcoming pain or preventing injury, then a structured, progressive plan is essential. 

Plans can also be tailored to general strength/stability goals or improving sporting performance. 

Clinical pilates (1:1)

1 hour - £45

Pilates is an extremely effective way to treat and manage injuries and pain, however it can be challenging to find a suitable Pilates class for your needs.  

As a clinical therapist and Pilates Instructor, I am able to apply my extensive knowledge of musculoskeletal injuries, conditions and pain to adapt Pilates exercises. 

Clinical Pilates sessions are designed specifically for you and your unique needs.

*Discounts are available for multiple sessions. Get in touch to enquire. 

6 week course of treatment


If you are receiving treatment for specific injuries or pain it is highly recommended that you return for treatment every 1-2 weeks initially for the first 4-12 weeks.

To make these more affordable, I offer a package of 6 x 45 minute follow up treatments for £216. This is a saving of 10%.

The package can be used over a 12 week period to allow for flexibility of bookings.