Strength & Stability Classes

Bulletproof your body

If you already participate in sports or exercise and want to stay injury free or have niggling aches, pains or injuries that just won’t go away, these classes are for you! 

Learn how to build a solid foundation of strength and stability required to keep you doing what you love. 

What's involved?

These classes are specifically programmed with fitness lovers in mind – Think hip stability for running, glute activation for squatting, core strength for lower back pain, shoulder stability for lifting overhead (and much much more). 

During these classes, we will work on correcting movement patterns and alignment and fixing muscular imbalances, with an emphasis on moving with control. 

If you … 

  • Lift weights 
  • Lift your children 
  • Run, swim, cycle
  • Play sports
  • Drive a lot
  • Have a desk job
  • Have a manual job 

These classes are for you! 

  • Reduce risk of injury
  • Increase sport/athletic performance 
  • Improve movement patterns
  • Increase joint mobility
  • Develop strength and stability 

In simple terms…

Strength is the ability to generate force. 

Stability is the ability to control joint movement or position.

If you are lacking stability your body can limit your mobility to protect you – this can be why we have ‘tight’ muscles that we keep stretching but don’t seem to improve. 

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