personal training for strength & stability

With more than 11 years experience strength training, I love helping others learn how to lift with great form and build confidence through strength training.

My goal is to educate you and help you build confidence through lifting weights. 

This isn’t personal training for aesthetics, it’s about building a body that’s resilient and moves efficiently for sports or day to day life.  

Personal Training sessions take place in my private studio in New Costessey. 

build confidence

Whether you’re new to strength training, overwhelmed by the weights section or not sure you’re performing exercises correctly, I can help you build confidence and make strength training a regular part of your routine. 

reduce muscular imbalances

You may have been told you have muscular imbalances or perhaps you’ve noticed this whilst exercising… Together we can identify the route cause of these imbalances and look to correct these so you can reduce risk of injury as well as minimising aches and pains. 

improve performance

Strength and stability play an important role in many sports and activities. 

Many runners need to work specifically on hip stabilty, weightlifters on core and shoulder stability and Crossfitter’s on all of the above… 

If you want to thrive at your chosen sport or continue to enjoy activities without injury or pain, then you need to address your strength and stability.

your investment

1hr – £37 

45 minutes – £32 

Discounts available for bulk purchase or pay monthly options – get in touch to discuss. 

Appointment times

Can’t see a time that works for you? Get in touch to discuss alternative options