Open for appointments

In line with Government legislation, during the period of 5th November – 2nd December 2020, as a healthcare provider I will remain open for appointments during  lockdown.  During this time, I am able to provide face to face appointments where there is a genuine healthcare need for the treatment to take place. This is applicable for both soft tissue and exercise therapy. 

For more detail on the policies and procedures in place during this time, including classification of ‘genuine healthcare’ please see below. 

Virtual Consultation

If you need some guidance on managing pain, discomfort or an injury at home without attending an in person appointment, you can now book a virtual consultation.

This will involve a full consultation and assessment to determine appropriate treatment method.

The appointment will be conducted via Zoom and will last approx 15-20 minutes.

In Person Treatments

In person soft tissue therapy and exercise therapy will be available to an individual in pain or discomfort due to a musculoskeletal condition or injury.  

Appointments are currently reduced to 30 – 45 minutes.

New clients will be required to complete additional consultation forms at the time of booking.  

Virtual Services

If you need help reducing or managing injuries, aches and pains or staying mobile at home, there is a virtual solution for you! 

Services include: 

1:1 Mobility/Flexibility training

1:1 Self Care & Self Myofascial Release

1:1 Exercise Therapy


The short answer:

Sports massage for general muscular tension e.g. from exercise or work OR for general stress relief/ relaxation is not permitted at this time. 

If you are in pain or discomfort and do not feel that a virtual solution is suitable OR feel that postponement of treatment will make things worse then please request an appointment today! 

The long answer: 

In person treatment is available to an individual with a new or existing musculoskeletal condition, injury or pain/discomfort that affects their ability to perform daily tasks or is worsened by these factors (e.g. sleep, work and childcare) or has a detrimental affect on their emotional/mental state.

Treatment is also available if you would normally receive regular in person treatments to manage a new, existing or previous condition, and feel that postponing in person treatment will negatively impact your physical, mental or emotional state. 

Access to these treatments will in turn reduce the requirement for an individual to use NHS services including GPs, Physios and A&E during a time where the NHS is already under strain.

Pain is subjective and minor concerns left untreated for prolonged periods of time can worsen overtime. 


*This may include but not limited to: 

  • Arthritis
  • Osteoporosis 
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Tendinopathies
  • Ligament Sprain
  • Muscular Strain 
  • Chronic pain 
  • Debilitating or unbearable neck, back, hip and shoulder pain 
  • Injuries or conditions awaiting surgery or specialist treatment
  • Relief of muscular tension from lifestyle or exercise factors. 
  • Relaxation or general stress relief. 
  • Maintenance of general health and wellbeing. 

Pain is subjective. I am not here to tell you that your pain isn’t bad enough or important enough for treatment, however I am required to clinically justify the need to provide in person treatment over virtual treatment.  

With this in mind, all clients will be required to complete a pre-screening questionnaire when they request a face to face treatment to ascertain necessity of in person therapy. 

All clients attending an in person appointment must review and sign a clinical justification and informed consent.  

If you’re not sure, get in touch:

If you are currently receiving ongoing treatment for an existing condition, or preventative treatment for a past condition, and there is reason to believe that postponing treatment will have a negative effect on your physical or mental health, then there is a genuine healthcare need for face to face treatment.  

If you are an existing client but require an appointment for a new condition, please get in touch to discuss.

All new clients must also complete a consultation form at the time of requesting an appointment. Please provide as much detail as possible at this stage. 

If I have any questions or need any further information I will be in touch. 

If you are currently using soft tissue/exercise therapy to manage a condition, injury or pain and know that postponing your in person treatment will result in a flare up, worsen the condition or leave you in pain, then there is a genuine health care reason for treatment. 

If you need help reducing aches and pains or staying mobile at home, there is a virtual solution for you! 

1-2-1 Mobility/Flexibility training (30 minutes) 

Why not use the lockdown period to focus on the areas that many of us neglect.. Reduce aches and pains by increasing your mobility and flexibility! These 1-2-1 sessions will be customised to your requirements focusing on specific joints or muscles. *Not suitable for anyone with an injury that prevents specific movements (see exercise therapy instead).  

Self Care & Self Myofascial Release (30 minutes) 

During this appointment, I will help you learn how to effectively manage injuries, aches and pains at home. 

This may include: 

  • Self myofascial release techniques e.g. foam rolling & trigger point balls 
  • Self massage (for easy to reach areas) 
  • Stretching techniques 
  • Postural exercises 
  • Correct home working set up 
  • Self care advice   

1-2-1 Exercise Therapy 

Exercise therapy can be used for specific injury rehabilitation or injury prevention. It can also be used to maintain or restore muscular/ joint function as well as maintaining a state of well-being. 

Updated Policies and Procedures

*Effective 5th November – 2nd December 2020

The following businesses are permitted to remain open during the current lockdown:

“Dental services, opticians, audiology services, chiropody, chiropractors, osteopaths and other medical or health services, including services relating to mental

Sports Massage and Sports Therapy level 4+ are classified as healthcare.

As a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) I have been advised the following: 

Due to the national restrictions introduced in England on 5 November, the first thing we would like to emphasise is that it is not ‘business as usual’ for all of our members and their clients.  
Until the national restrictions are lifted, members should only support clients who have a genuine health condition/medical need. This might include, for example, clients who have a health condition or injury that is currently causing them pain or mobility issues, or is impacting their quality of life.  
It is important that members assess their clients’ needs on a case by case basis, prior to seeing them, to determine if treatment is appropriate at this time. In the FHT’s opinion, it would not be appropriate, for example, to treat clients for health complaints or injuries that are minor or self-limiting (which improve on their own) or for general stress relief, relaxation or preventative healthcare purposes. While we fully appreciate the importance of supporting clients for these reasons, the focus should be on treating clients with essential health needs during the national restrictions. For those who have less urgent health needs, please defer their treatments until after 3 December and offer them some self-care advice or remote support to help them in the meantime. 

Despite any policy or procedure in place to mitigate the risk of Covid-19 transmission, there is still a level of risk associated with attending a face to face appointment due to the requirement of close contact.  

With this in mind, during the lockdown period of 5th November – 2nd December, I will be limiting in person appointments to no more than 45 minutes. Where possible, this will be reduced to no more than 30 minutes of hands on treatment to further reduce risk.

All furniture and equipment used will be thoroughly sanitised and disinfected using anti-viral & antibacterial commercial grade cleaning products.  

This includes all touch points including surfaces, door handles and taps.  

The floor will be cleaned between each appointment and steam cleaned at the start and end of each day.  

Between appointments the windows will be open to allow circulation of fresh air. I have a split aircon/heater that circulates fresh air from the outside with a built-in filter and de-humidifier

All in person appointments are currently limited to 45 minutes and where possible no more than 30 minutes of hands on treatment. 

There will be a 30 minute gap between appointments to allow for ventilation and cleaning as well as well as note taking and client follow up advice. 

All clients are required to wear a face covering to their appointment (unless medically exempt). The therapist will wear a face shield/visor and Type II face mask for close contact services.  

During this time I will be required to document both mine and client’s use of PPE and will therefore require a clinical justification of exemption. 

Whilst lying prone, the client may remove their face covering if this is likely to cause distress or difficutly breathing.  

Single use disposable couch covers will be used for each client. If a towel was used to cover a client, this will be washed at 60 degrees after a single use.  

A plastic storage box will be provided for you to store any clothes or footwear that you remove. This will be sanistised after every customer.

Please change out of work clothes prior to attending your appointment.

If you work an environment with exposure to the general public, please aim to shower and change if attending after work. 

Please aim to leave all other personal items in your car e.g. bags, coats etc.  

If you show symptoms of Covid-19 within 7 days of attending an appointment you will need to contact your therapist to advise. 

You may also be contacted by Track & Trace if your therapist or recent clients have reported symptoms during this time frame. 

Before attending an appointment, all clients are required to complete a Covid-19 screening form. This information is critical to perform a risk assessment of treatment to protect the client, therapist and other clients. 

Information for attending an appointment

OH Sports Therapy is located on Jerningham Road, Norwich, NR5 0RG.

Just 2 miles from the A47 (Sainsburys at Longwater) and 4 miles (15 minute drive) outside of the city centre. 

There are plenty of bus stations a short walk away. 

From the City Centre take the 23 bus to Heartsease from Rampant Horse Street and get off at Gurney Road – it is then just a 4 minute walk.

As you enter the driveway, please drive straight ahead towards the green timber building.

You can either park directly in front of the garden building or down the side of the house before the gates. 

Please do not park on the road or block the entrance to the driveway.

Where possible, please wear clothing suitable for your treatment requirements. 


Please wear/bring with a pair of shorts (above the knee) if having treatment to lower half. 


Please wear/bring with you a pair of shorts if having the lower half treated.

If neck & shoulder wear a strappy top and  a bra that unclips at the back (avoiding sports bras).

If you are having cupping therapy, I would recommend wearing a sports bra/shorts as you may be required to move around during the treatment.

During treatments you will be covered by towels to maintain your comfort, warmth and privacy.

When you arrive for your appointment, I will open the door and close it for you.  

Please sanitise your hands using the antibacterial gel supplied or your own.  

Please leave any outerwear e.g coats on the chair in the office.  

Please bring a bottle of water to drink after your appointment as none will be supplied during this time.  

I will open the entrance door for you as you leave and close it afterwards.  

You will be required to wear your face covering as you leave the building however this can be removed once outside.