Movement Therapy Course - Supple Shoulders

This is the first in a series of courses aiming to address common musculoskeletal complaints. 

‘Tight’ and ‘sticky’ feeling shoulders often lead to injuries, aches and pains in those with desk jobs as well as those who love to throw around heavy weights.  

This course will take you back to basics, help you understand the movements available at the shoulder and how to improve common mobility restrictions/ postural issues.

Over the 3 week period we will build a library of mobility, strength and stability exercises so you can continue to make progress beyond the course.     

  • Understand your body   
  • Develop better control  
  • Prevent injuries  

Course starts: Saturday 20th February, 10am on Zoom  

What is included?  

  • Daily movements to add to your routine
  • Range of motion (ROM) tests for tracking progress
  • 3 x 60-minute focused sessions
  • Modifications and progression options for movements.
  • Lifetime access to content

Your investment 

£35 for the full course

  • Anyone with ‘tight’ or ‘sticky’ shoulders.  
  • Anyone with niggling shoulder aches and pains 
  • Anyone with a ‘rounded’ posture  
  • Anyone who feels uncomfortable lifting overhead
  • Anyone wanting to improve overhead mobility 

Live classes will take place every Wednesday at 5.45pm on Zoom. A recording will be sent to all course registrants on a Thursday so you can catch up if you miss a week or follow along again in the future. 

All course registrants will receive a recording of the classes, you do not need to attend live HOWEVER attending a live class holds huge benefits. The course has a limited number of spaces to ensure that I can provide real time feedback and adjustments to all participants. Attending a live class ensures that you are performing the movements correctly, receive any necessary adjustments, modifications or progressions and ultimately get the most out of each session. 

The course will cover mobility, flexibility, strength and stability exercises. We will address movements available at the shoulder, scapular setting as well as thoracic mobility and lat/chest flexibility. 

This course is designed to be as accessible as possible and can be completed using minimal equipment/household items. The types of items you may require are:  

  • Light resistance band OR hand towel  
  • Yoga block OR Thick books/DVD box set  
  • Cushions/Pillows  
  • Yoga mat or Thick towel/blanket (if you have a hard floor)  

Ideally you will have enough space for you to lay on your back with your arms extended out to the sides. 

Some exercises will require the use of a wall. These can be modified if necessary.