Beginners Pilates Course

A 6 week course designed for those who have little experience or are completely new to Pilates or those who have taken a long break.

Over the 6 week period you will learn about the principles and fundamentals of Pilates as well as being taken through modifications and adaptions of key exercises. At the end of the 6 weeks you should feel confident enough to progress to a mixed ability class as well as noticing improvements in your posture, alignment and core strength/stability.

upcoming course dates

Tuesday 29th June – Tuesday 3rd August 

6pm – 7pm OR 7.30pm – 8.30pm

Location: Rowan House, Hethersett

Your investment

6 week course – £72

Course Overview

Over the 6 week period, we will address the principles and fundamentals of Pilates, taking the time to understand how these impact the exercises and how these will benefit you throughout a class. The pace will be slower than a normal class, allowing plenty of time for 1-2-1 support.

The intensity, pace and difficulty level will increase throughout the weeks with the final week running as a regular class would. 

Week 1: A,B,C 

During your first class we will focus on the ABC of Pilates – Alignment, Breathing, Centering. We will go through the set up phase and look at correct alignment in standing, seated and lying positions as well as how to focus on the centre in these positions using key exercises as examples. 

We will also address the importance of breathing and how to implement thoracic (lateral) breathing into the exercises. 

Week 2 – Concentration 

Week 2 will address the principle of concentration. This will be implemented through breathing exercises with the introduction of a key Pilates exercise – The Hundred. We will also work on some balance and coordination exercises as well as concentrating on alignment during all exercises.  

Week 3 – Fluidity and Precision 

Week 3 is all about fluidity and precision. This session will have a large focus on mobility exercises especially spinal articulations such as the roll down which forms part of the Pilates Push up. 

Week 4 – Control 

Week 4 introduces the principle of control. Moving with control is so important for building a mind muscle connection, improving movement patterns and preventing injuries. Expect lots of tempo work, lifting and lowering at different speeds, pausing in positions and balancing. 

Week 5 – Key Exercises

Now we have addressed the principles and fundamentals of Pilates, it’s time to embed these into key exercises that will come up often in a Pilates class. Learn how to correctly perform exercises (or variations) such as swimming, teaser and shoulder bridge.  

Week 6 – Putting it all together

You know the principles and fundamentals, you’ve practiced some key movements, now it’s time to put it all together and run through a full class. One of the goals of this course is to develop the confidence to join a Mixed Ability Class. This session will run as a normal class would so you know exactly what to expect when you move on from the course into regular classes.