My background

I am passionate about helping and educating people to achieve a healthier lifestyle. With over 6 years experience as a massage therapist, I am qualified in advanced body massage, aromatherapy, hot stone massage and level 4 sports massage therapy.  

I started strength training over 8 years ago. Since then have been keen to educate myself on the science and methodology behind effective and efficient movement patterns. 

Having suffered two musculoskeletal injuries which had a significant impact on my overall health, I am keen to help others prevent getting injured and get back to optimal health safely and quickly. This is achieved through a combination of massage therapy, prehab and rehab exercise plans. 

My philosophy

My goal is to provide you with the support and knowledge required to lead a healthy lifestyle. I will always conduct a thorough assessment and follow up with a detailed treatment plan. This in turn will allows you to take control of your own health and wellbeing through a combination of massage therapy and exercise.  

I believe strongly that an ongoing and consistent treatment plan is the key to prevention, recovery and maintenance. I therefore keep my pricing affordable, as well as offering discounts for maintenance packages, so you have no excuse not to make your health a priority.